Sunday, July 11, 2010

So who would you dress up as for a Dead Celebrirty party?

My husband and I were invited to a "Dead Celebrity Party." We like to dress up: it's fun and this gave my husband a chance to combine two of his favourite things - music and zombies. He went as a freshly deceased Kurt Cobain (yup that's my man).

Who would I be? It's got to be a costume with the right mix,  reflecting one's personality with the person you're pretending to be. Actually I knew right away who I wanted to dress up as.

"No one will know who you are!" was the instant feedback from my husband on my costume idea.

I kinda knew this already but I had always wanted to dress up as this woman, even though in the 10 years we have been throwing our annual Halloween parties there was always something more Halloween(ie) to be. I had studied about this woman in art school, she was married to a very famous muralist and partied with the Rockefellers back in the day. She's on plenty of pop culture items such as buttons, posters, jewelry etc. She's had countless books written about her and had a motion picture made about her life. She was a strong female artist and sexy but not in a typical or blatant way.

There were plenty of sexy and awesome costumes at the party:

Marlyn Monroe (a staple)
Audry Hepburn (very classy)
Sid and Nancy (a great couples costume)
Jim Morrison,
Eazy-E ( I'm not sure who Eazy-E is but my Husband was impressed)

Steve Irwin, The Crocodile hunter, with the end of the stingray hanging out of his wet suit chest:

 Evil Knievel, although I'm not sure if the fellow dressed up as Evil was dressing up or really channeling him?

Our hosts went as Mr. Rogers and the sexiest Julia Child you will ever see (Hellooooooooo!):

A few brave people asked me who I was. They kinda had a feeling who I was from my eyebrow (or should I say unibrow?) and once I mentioned Salma Hayek they were like ahh.Then my husband would give me a look of "see I told you nobody would know who Frida Kahlo was", I didn't care! I felt my back straighten in pride just as Frida carried her body. I loved wearing all the bracelets and bangles, the shawl and best of all the flowers in my hair. I enjoyed, even for one night, pretending to own it the way Frida did.

I thought I did a pretty great job. Perhaps I was missing one little detail:

Now I put it to you, who would you dress up as for dead celebrity party? I'm dying to know (get it dying to know...)

Just in case your answer is Frida Kahlo too, here are some of my favourite Frida Kahlo(ish) things I've come across:


  1. So I remember hearing your choice and thinking, hell I'm an artist and have no idea who Frida is, which actually isn't true, but the name doesn't jump out at you.

    So I'm in Germany two weeks ago, and I see a long line up at an art gallery near the Typology of Terrors, so I'm thinking "I wonder who's showing" there was easily a 2 hour line up just to get in.

    The topic of the retrospective? Frida Kahlo.

  2. Awesome! Be careful she'll creep up on you, you'll see here everywhere now...Who would you dress up as?

  3. Wow, you did a really good job with the costume! I'm kind of surprised so few people know who she is, but that makes the costume even cooler!

  4. I'd say Bogart, but the beard would ruin it, so probably Da Vinci or the dude that invented the post-it note.

  5. The "raven" is actually a hummingbird. Mexicans believed this animal would bring passionate love. :)