Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Lookie, Lookie what I made!

This past Sunday I took a Resin Pendant workshop at the Fraser Valley Bead Show from Mikel Lefler. I'm pretty tickled with the results, tee hee hee!

Mikel provided lots of great photos and doodads for the class and she also encouraged us to bring anything else we wanted to use. I recently inherited my grandfather's watchmaking bench, stuffed full of teeny tiny treasures! I randomly brought a small case full of watch parts and used them in combination with Mikel's photos of birds.

For this one I used a watch back for the bezel and I also used a watch part for the finding.

For this pendent I used a pewter bezel. I picked it from a local Maple Ridge store, Kellie's Beads Boutique.

This was the bezel that was provided for the class. It's much larger than the other two above which meant it took me double the time to layout the design...decisions, decisions!

I know which one is my favourite, which one is yours? I'm curious to see if it's the same!

Oh and they're having another Fraser Valley Bead Show in the Spring; March 25, 26 and 27th. Maybe I'll see you there?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Whoa there little doggies, hold your horses!

Our kid's growth chart: an ongoing project since... they keep growing! I've painted this on the inside of a narrow closet door, I thought I'd be sensitive to their teen years. On the right of the sunflower is our eldest son's growth chart, on the left is our youngest. It started off with just bugs but as both my boys have gotten older they've delved into fictional critters too. For example, our eldest son was really into Spiderwick when he was 8; actually that series is still a staple in his reading list.

SIDE NOTE: the Spiderwick books are GREAT! The movie not so much :(

As our boys grow, I try to represent each phase with a bug or creature that will remind us of what they were like at that age. Our eldest son loved slugs when he was 2. He used to collect them up in the yard. For some reason he would name every slug Pippy or Poppy? Slugs... yuck, I know, but at least we learned that salt helps remove slug slime!

It's been really fun watching how much they grow each year!

Our youngest son just turned 7 in September and he decided he wanted something from Aurthur and the Invisibles: the creature the king sits on, which kind of looks like a miniature yeti!

He also loves that he is taller than his brother at  7!

For his 2 year mark  I painted a fuzzy bee since he had the hair to match and he's the only one of us that's blond!

Which leads me to the end of the stalk, where you can see I've painted our son's names in orange. I also used orange to mark dots for the official heights up the sunflower.

When they were babies everyone told me they would grow up fast! I have tried to document and seize every moment and I realize they aren't done growing if they could only slow down a little so I could catch up!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Shakes your hips like battleships!

I know it's October but my head is still processing September! My birthday falls at the beginning of September and often it was the first day of school - ugh! (woe is me!). Since this is my show and tell place I gotta just tell you about some really cool presents I received from some really cool people!

I love books! The Book of Awesome was given to me by my good friend Cori... and yes, IT IS AWESOME! It talks about noticing all the little things to feel good about, for example, when you put on warm underwear straight out of the dryer. Okay, I haven't ever done that (yet!), but I do yell out "WARM LAUNDRY!" when to the kids are home. They flop on our bed like fish out of water as I dump all the warm laundry on them. Really, is there anything better than someone pouring warm laundry on you?

This book has lots of awesome things in it... like finding forgotten money in your pocket or popping bubble wrap! Here's a little tidbit, this books concept came from the author's blog! That's (say it with me) awesome!

I have to admit I'm always a little perplexed when I'm at people's houses when they don't have any bookshelves. Guess what else I received...

You guessed it, another book, The Art of Toy Story 3, from my kids. Lots of colours and inspiration! I would even say it would go under the category of AWESOME! I thought it went perfectly at home on our shelf of toys...(clearing of the throat) my toys. Thus, I can no longer complain about my husband's action figures or snow globe collection and you can see why I was particularly drawn to a movie about toys!

Now! Cue the choir, let the heavens open up and "Ahhhhh. Oooooo!" Isn't beautiful! This gift was given to me by my husband! True, I love books but I all so adore records! (I inherited my Grandfather's record collection and have been making my way through it while I work in my studio. Old grandpa had some good tunes!) This particular album is by The Dead Weather, Jack White's latest band, and is appropriately titled "Black and Blue".  It was a belated gift but but it was totally worth it the wait, there were only a limited number pressed! (in a high pitched voice) Awesome!

Which brings me around to the title of this post, best line off the album "shake your hips like battleships!"