Saturday, April 14, 2012

She's a crafty Dame!

A few weeks back our guild (Fraser Valley Modern Quilt Guild) had a booth at the Creative Stitches show in Abbotsford at the Tradex. It was loads of fun but was really a hoot was when a bunch of Vancouver people came out from the Vancouver Modern Quilting Guild (I finally met Paul, the fellow that made me the most awesome pot holders in from the last inter-guild swap!-yay! And he is just as lovely as his work). This time around we did an inter-guild mug rug swap at the Creative show and I received...wait for it.... Amy Dame's mug rug! 
Amy is super cool (and god does she know stuff, I learn something new every time we chat. Of course she knows loads about quilting but she knows loads about everything else too! Don't know something, just ask Amy she'll know!) You know how with some people it's nice to just sit back and listen to them? Amy is one of those people. So much so that we quoted her on some buttons that we made up for the Creative stitches show. They were a hot commodity and were the first ones to be snaffled up!
I think the next round of buttons we make should use something I heard her say at our February retreat " I sew some weird Sh*t" on my machine"! See that's why I like to sit back and listen to Amy talk, you never know when a little gem like that will spring out!

Now Amy received my Olive Juice mug rug which, as you can tell, was quite fitting because I Olive Juice Amy Dame!

Oh ya, and Amy requested I put a follow by email on my blog, so there it is in the upper right hand corner, TA DA!- Cheers, thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Everyone needs a little tlc once in a while (especially in August)

Hi ya, it's just after Easter and I'm still back in August with the Unscripted Bee.


Tara (her Flickr name is  tlc 2012) was September's Queen Bee. I however mixed up my months and thought she was August. In my defense... remember the postal strike last summer? It certainly didn't help me keep things straight.

Note card, drawing, signature block and the block itself.

Tara's inspiration was from a quilt is nice. Check out the little boy jumping on the bed. Ah, remember those days? Or when the sheets were thrown over you like a bubble... This block was super fun to do, I'd even go as so far to say as much fun as jumping on a bed!


 I love Tara's fabric and colour selection! I can't wait to see what the whole quilt looks like!