Friday, November 18, 2011

Well, she also had her own snowmobile but that wouldn't have been as inviting on our front porch.

Yes, there is snow lying on the ground right now but I have been thinking about these photos from the summer. I'm not longing for the dog days of summer... I got a call from my Dad's wife yesterday and I knew as soon as I saw the name something was up.

This is an awesome bell! They just don't make them like this anymore. Since the bell on my bike broke, and this bike is only for show, I've relocated  the bell to my bike.
My Grandma, who is all set to celebrate her 90th birthday on the 14th of December, has taken a turn for the worse and is the hospital. She has been weaving in and out of my thoughts, which led me to these photo's I took this summer.

My Dad as a kid, slapped a Norton sticker on my Grandma's bike for her. I guess since my Grandpa had a real Norton motorbike it only made sense to my dad that Grandma should have one too!
This was my Grandma's bike and it sits lovingly on our front porch to greet people. It isn't fancy and I think it was my Grandpa that gave it the spiffy new paint-in-a-can spray job.

I wish I could say I knew my Grandma really well when I was growing up but I didn't. It wasn't from not being around her, it's just that my Grandpa had a very big personality which seemed to take up the room with his stories.

And my Favourite, the mud flap! My handy dandy Grandpa  made sure her bike had one!

My Grandma has always been kind of a mystery to me and I feel like this bike is a bit of a clue to who she was. She happily road behind my Grandpa on his motorbike starting in the 40's and well into the 80's but this was her bike and her bike alone.


Sadly, I just found out before I posted this that my Grandma has passed away. I take comfort in imagining her and Grandpa driving off on their big old big motorbike for the ultimate road trip!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Tis the season of the craft fair!

Craft fair time is upon us, yet again. I've been busy in the studio building, playing and concocting all kinds of treats for an upcoming craft fair that I annually participate in, in North Vancouver. My friend Linda Sharp hosts this craft fair and it's always filled with inspiring people and great holiday finds!The craft fair is November 11th-13th (Friday, Saturday and Sunday).


Photo's by Raeanne Schachter (also known as Raeanne Fabulous, because she really is!)

I have been working on three kinds of pendants. You can see one style of pendant in the above pictures. All three styles feature fortunes embedded in resin. The above style is a cast silver bezel. The backs have lucky numbers hammered in the silver! Ooooh Aaaah!

I'm also doing a few different types of cards this year. I'm doing singles and packs of  regular cards but I'm also branching out into cards that have magnetic fortunes on them (that will be interchangeable with pendent  necklaces or your refrigerator ;). Ooooh Aaaah!

And of course every year I do soap, which happens to be the perfect stocking stuffer!

Packed and all ready to go!

If you are interested in stopping by North Vancouver for the craft fair, send me an email and I will send you the address.

Or if you live near me and see something you like (or you want to see more stuff in person) and you don't think you'll make it out to North Vancouver, send me an email and we can arrange a private showing!

Thanks for stopping by!