Monday, December 13, 2010

My Favourites!

Who are the people in your neighbourhood when you're walking down the street?
scarf from Red Spotted Patch, hee, hee!
Hey look, there is Carol in her shop, Favourite Unique Gifts and Accessories! What's around her neck, a snake? It is! How cute, an upcycled wool scarf ! What a brilliant idea and they all have names you say? What is that one's name, Carol?
 Speaking of scarves, these are beautiful too! I love the wood buttons! Let's see what other goodies Carol has!

I  love these upcycled books made from albums and old book covers! What ever happened to Luba anyways?
Cutest Christmas cards ever, I'd love to get one of these in my mailbox!

For the bird lover in your life perhaps? Would they would like a carved or painted bird? These hand carved birds blow me away, look at those feet!  Sorry I have to say it, what a hoot!

We mustn't forget about the dudes! These belt buckles are made from skate boards and the(what do I call them?) bracelets, are very cool!

For the fast paced, techie baby in you life!

Red spotted patch, hot and cold pack monster buddies!
Perhaps after a long day of Christmas shopping you'd like to snuggle up with a monster hot or cold pack buddy! Maybe one eyed Larry or Sadie with the two large front teeth? Pickles is a fish but still huggable. George likes to take your worries away!
I love chicadora's pendents and rings made out of vintage silver spoons. I would say "adorable" but that would be too punny!

It's been fun shopping with you at my Favourite store, thanks Carol. See you soon, Merry Christmas!

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