Friday, March 18, 2011

The BIG (little) reveal!

When I first envisioned this quilt, it was king sized and perfect for my bed. Then I received, in the mail, a catalogue of the Sewing and Craft Show (April 1 and 2nd at the Abbotsford Tradex). In the back of the catalogue was  the West Coast Quilt and Fibre Art Challenge. To have an entry done on time the quilt shrunk quite considerably and turned into a totally decadent, impractical baby quilt, just like those cute little baby tutus!

Hand sewn wool leaves and hand beaded centres.

Each blossom has Velcro sewn to the back. This is so the blossoms can be rearranged on the  leaves or removed, for the quilt to be washed.

This quilt was inspired, in part, by a March wedding we attended a few years back. Inspired by the blooming cherry blossoms and not because the couple are expecting anytime soon... well, not that we know of, hmmm? It was also partly inspired by an old habit of mine. Every spring when I would see the first cherry blossoms, I'd rush home from whatever I was doing and write to my grandfather, in Alberta, that I had seen them!

Red Polka dots for the binding (and you know how I love polka dots!). This was the first time I had used a bias tape maker (whoever invented that is a genius!) and the first time I ever used rounded corners.

 A close up texture of the tree trunk.

Maybe I'll see you at the Sewing and Craft show? If not, be on the look out for the first cherry blossoms. I've seen a few and not just the ones on my quilt!

C'mon Spring! We're ready for ya!

Oh and thanks for stopping by!


  1. It's just beautiful and so clever with the blossoms to be able to move them around!

  2. What a gorgeous quilt, Lysa! Perfect for spring. The red binding and rounded corners are great - I'm planning on doing rounded corners for the first time soon as well!

  3. What a beautiful quilt and such a great story as well! Isn't it funny how something can inspire us, only to later realize the deeper hidden meaning behind the initial inspiration? Many times I've started working on an idea and halfway through the project something from my childhood is triggered. This happened to me when I made my first pillow for my store. My husband gave me the idea to make a pillow and I didn't think Id know how at first. While I was making it I remembered being eleven and my grandma showing me how to make a pillow. It's funny... I remembered everything she taught me even though it was fifteen years later!

  4. Cherry blossoms! Growing up in North Van, there were 4 large cherry blossom trees on our property... I was in love! The quilt is equally beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing, Lysa!

  5. I totally missed this at the sewing and craft show, Lysa. ): It is so very beautiful. Our cherry blossom trees are blooming right now in Chilliwack and I love this time of year.