Monday, July 11, 2011

Yup, it's all about me!

Howdy folks, it's been a while! What can I say I've been on the road. Earlier this month I had a chance to visit the LA Modern Quilt Guild and met Alissa and Latifah... the very two who started the Modern Quilt Guild! If you haven't heard of modern quilting or modern quilt guilds they are popping up all over the world. This last September I started a modern quilt guild chapter, with my good friend Cynthia (who I had just met), in the Fraser Valley. I love to say "chapter" because it makes us sound like bikers! When I was down in LA I took a whack of pictures, but... I'm not quite done tweaking all the photos (stay tuned!). So, I thought I'd cheat and borrow a post from our quilt guild! You see, each month I send out 21 questions to a member of our guild. Our members can nominate a friend or themselves but usually they are too shy, which means I just have to pick someone. Last month I was talking to Cynthia about who we should ask and she turned to me and said , "how about we do you?".  Stunned I thought and answered,  "Um, o k a y?" So here is a little about me!


  1. That's awesome that you got to go to a LAMQG meeting and meet Alissa and Latifah! Looking forward to seeing pictures of that!

  2. It was a no-brainer decision to choose you already! :) And can you believe it's been only a year since we met? I feel like I've known you forevah, my kindred friend!