Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Little Bits

Shelly (on the right) is the owner of Serendipi Tea and my local business host. Dianne (on the left), my Mother-in-law, was there on Friday to help hang the show.

The top drawing is called "Buttons of Lucy's". Lucy is a nickname my husband gave me. We had planned to use the name for a girl but had two sons instead.

The drawing hanging below is called "The Seed". It all started with this one. I was teaching a class called "Cascades, Wrinkles and Folds, Oh My" at the ACT in Maple Ridge and really got into it. Then, with the helpful suggestion and encouragement of my friend Linda, the idea bloomed.

The top drawing here is called "Flowers of Ann's". My middle name is Ann, plain and simple like me!

The bottom drawing is just called "Ann's" and is a detail of the skirt from the same dress I drew in San Fransisco.

I was just tickled pink to be showing at Serendipi Tea. I had a feeling Shelly's space and my drawings would be a great match. Everything went so smoothly... it was" easy peasy" (As Captain Awesome would say). These Orchids were my gift to Shelly to show my appreciation.

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