Friday, September 3, 2010

Out of the closet!

I love sewing and fabric. I learned from my mom at an early age. I've been hooked ever since. In fact I would even go as so far to say it was one of most important classes I took in high school (believe me trigonometry hasn't done that much for me even though I was told it was a necessity). Growing up sewing was a real"girl-y" thing to do, not at all cool like playing volleyball (my versions of what hell is) so I did it in secret. When I studied art, sewing (aka textiles) was a little more acceptable but when I studied animation luckily, I had a friend, Linda who had  the same affliction and secret as me. We used to smuggle quilting (and the odd gardening) magazine between our desks, covertly, so that no one would see, God forbid!

Lately I've started noticing all these creative and crafty  people coming out of wood work and  they are organized, loud and proud...and so they should be! None of them treat craft as something only retired "grandmas" do. Don't get me wrong, grandmas know stuff, lots of great stuff but when you're sitting in a class and you're the youngest by 20 years, you start to question if you were born in the right era.  Most of these blogging, creative women are young, fresh and inspired stay at home moms like: Lesley of Smidge box, Christine of  From an Igloo or the luvinthemommyhood blog (I never did catch her name). The last two have  recently been  sponsored by the the Plum Project (a new organic fabric store in Deep Cove).

This growing community is why I was so excited when the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild popped up. People like me- yes! Instantly I joined and via the Vancouver group I met Cynthia another creative person living, way, way, way out here in the Fraser Valley (could it be possible?). Cynthia and I became instant friends and schemers of a Fraser Valley Modern Quilt Guild way, way, way out here. Since then Cynthia has built a beautiful site and we are looking forward to our first meeting this month... I'll keep you posted... oh and your grandma's invited because she's cool too!


  1. I love hearing how you smuggled quilting magazines between desks!

    I'm wishing you all the best as you and Cynthia get the Fraser Valley Modern Quilt Guild going!

  2. Yay!! And mucho thanks to Holly for introducing us!! Very exciting things up ahead!! I knew you were a kindred soul the minute I met you!

    My gran would have loved to join us- she was an original member/founder of the Van. Weavers and Spinners Guild- I guess I am following in her footsteps in a way!- and she made me a super cool quilt- grandma's garden- that I still have. I'll have to bring it to show & tell- it's quite modern in style and colours- all solids- considering when it was made- around 1982-ish....! :))

  3. oh well done lysa! i'm so excited for you to start your own chapter. i have yet to make it to a vancouver meeting myself, just too busy lately. but i do hope to get inspired by them soon :)

  4. You know I'm reading this book called "Awesome" and it talks all about when things happen and you're like, "AWESOME"! Getting comments on your blog is like that! Thanks guys!

    Yes this is super duper exciting, good times lay ahead I can just feel it.