Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Today's fortune cookie said: YOUR TALENTS WILL BE REWARDED.

Over the Christmas break I went to hang out with family in Alberta. Did you miss me? I'd forgotten how much I missed the prairies and especially the snow, it was very refreshing! Don't get me wrong, I love living in BC but there is something about where you come from that never leaves you.

This past year I moved into my new art studio, which gave me a chance to take stock of my inventory and supplies. I am completely OCD so I love organizing stuff! An old friend, who now lives in Texas, was moving into a new house and was looking for art for her walls. She told me how much she had loved my grain elevator paintings and asked if I had any prints for sale. Not only did I have prints, I knew exactly where they were now! After posting a few pictures of my prints on Facebook for her to pick from, to my surprise other people were asking to buy them too! To make things even more interesting a gallery, the Garden Gallery in Kindersley, Saskatchewan, contacted me after some of my prints were brought in for framing! Separately, like a cherry on top, I was commissioned for two large paintings, based off of my day and night prints. I hadn't painted that large in a while and forgot how much I enjoyed itl!

 Ta Da! Here they are in all there glory!
detail of the moon in "Wee Hours-Nighttime"

"Wee Hours-Nighttime"
"Wee Hours-Morning"

Sadly, you don't see any Alberta Wheat Pool grain elevators anymore (or prairie rockets as my husband called them when he was a kid). So many of them have been torn down!

Quiet morning sun.
A big thank you to everyone that has looked at my work, considered it and not called it nice or interesting ( I could always tell when my parents didn't get what I was working on when they called it nice or interesting - cringe). Everyone has been very encouraging and just as excited as I am about my ideas. Ultimately I want to make stuff and have people love it as much as I do!


  1. Congrats Lysa. I love those elevator paintings. Kindersley is not too farm from my mom and dad's place. I'll tell them to check out the gallery.

  2. They're gorgeous- I just love your style! Just keep painting just keep painting!