Friday, September 23, 2011

Harvest Time

 I made this quilt for my father in law back in April when he officially became a senior.  He LOVES his John Deere tractor and since he has come to my rescue with it on more than one gardening occasion, I thought he deserved something extra special.

My husband and I are from Alberta but moved out to Vancouver in the early '90's and I guess as a reaction to that move a lot of my work has reflected where we are from.



I had a hard time adjusting to the west coast landscape and was homesick for open horizons and big blue skies. Don't get me wrong,We love the west coast and love living here which is why we never moved back but there is something special about the place you grow up in.

When we were expecting our first son, it seemed only natural that we added a few John Deere accents to the baby's yellow and soft green room. I made a John Deere changing pad, covered a few pillows here, acquired  a John Deere lamp and it snow balled from there. Then the blankets and fabric started rolling in, we became the John Deere people. People would see something in John Deere and  they would pick it up for us. So for years I kept accumulating this fabric and what was I going to do with it all, so this was the perfect project!

This part of the quilt is from the changing pad I made for the babies room but, now that our son is 11, I didn't think he'd mind much that I cut it up. Lots of the other John Deere fabric was used on the back of the quilt.

I just love how quilts crinkle after they have been washed!
Sewing the lines in the sky was super fun to do.

Oh and I forgot to mention, I had each of his grandchildren do a bit of sewing on the quilt, just to make it extra special!

Mr John Deere, tickled pink! Or should I say green?


  1. I love the artistic layout of this quilt. I feel like I've been transported to the prairies. Cool that you got all the grandchildren to quilt a bit of this!

  2. Thanks Holly! My youngest since sewing a seam has decided he totally knows how to sew now. Our niece took a costume design class at UVIC and has shown a lot of interest in sewing since. I'm doing my best to spread the addiction!

  3. Wow what an amazing quilt and there's no place like home....