Thursday, September 15, 2011

Psst... pass it on!

It seemed not that long ago I was driving away singing "Schoooooool's out for Suuuummaarr!!"
but as all good things, summer has come to an end and it's back to school time!

This summer I was inspired to make this quillow (yes, the quillow, I'm bringing it back baby!) by my son who had just finished grade 5. Ahhh... Grade 5, the switch from "Girls are gross!" to "Do you think I should ask her out?"  This of course is usually done by the passing of a note, in which you have to check box: (A) for yes or box (B) for no.



What do you think?
Check box (A) for yes I like
Check box (B) for no I don't like


  1. Oh, I do love your quillow!. and I really love your 'setting'; love the floor / desk combo!

  2. Love the quillow and love the styling! Perfect desk!

  3. I love the idea and thanks for stopping by! I will keep visiting!

  4. Your quillow is awesome. So clever.

  5. Already love the quillow after seeing it at FVMQG -- but even more in love with that floor! Is it really yours? Do you really have that much empty space? Or did you find an empty classroom somewhere/ Either way, awesome setting!

  6. Thanks guys.
    I took the photo's at my Husbands office, the desk was ours though!