Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Paul's potholders ROCK!

Ta DA! Look at these amazing pot holders made by Paul from the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild! Aren't they AMAZING? I am yelling because I am just so thrilled with them!

Not only did Paul outdo himself with the pot holders, he also sent along COASTERS made with the same incredible material!

The quilting on them was quite phenomenal! My Mother-in-law was with me when I opened my package and she lost her mind when she saw the pot holders and coasters! You should have heard the pair of us!

I'm from the prairies, how did Paul know? I love the wheat print! My Dad was a flour miller and he worked for the mill that made Sunny Boy Cereal. Have you heard of it? We have a retro Sunny Boy poster in our kitchen, so these will fit in quite nicely.

Can you believe how perfect they match my bowl set?

What can I say? I'm so tickled with my pot holders, the colours, the quilting  but especially by Paul's generosity. So I say to you Paul, Thank you, thank you so much! These are so appreciated!

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  1. Oh Lysa, those are the most adorable pot holders and coaster ever!! Did you hear me shouting that?? I hope you had a lovely Christmas, it's always nice to see return visitors on my blog. Thank you.