Thursday, May 24, 2012

We're all a little lost if we don't have our Queen Bee anymore aren't we?

These are blocks for Cynthia. She was the Queen Bee in the Fab Bee for the month of April. I had started on them earlier in the month but with one distraction after another I decided that's it! I've got to get these done! Around that same time, I found out my Grandma had fallen ill and shortly after passed away. I seriously thought I could feel my heart starting to break when I heard that she was ill and then when I heard the news that she had passed, well, I was sure it had broken. 
She was my last grandparent and a pretty special one at that. She had white hair, glasses, knitted, crocheted, baked, gardened, the whole nine yards. Nothing was better than showing up on the farm to her greeting us at the door with a sunshiny smile (her whole face lit up, much like my youngest, he has her eyes) a hug and a giggle. Then she make me biscuits! She and my Grandpa were a huge influence on my life and my husband's for that matter (one of the benefits of being high school sweet hearts). They are a pretty big part of why we live on an acreage and why I love bread so much!
When something like this happens I'm amazed by people's wisdom, kindness and love (I know it sounds sappy, give me a few more sentences and I'll be done... promise!) Have you ever had someone say the most perfect thing that brings you comfort and blows you away? Here are a few I'd like to share with you:
 First my friend Trudy sent me a text saying "Sorry to hear about your Grandma. Someone told me to let all the good memories fill the empty space. I think that is true. Are you getting Dawson today?"  I had to leave that last little bit in, hee hee! And just for the record, I'll admit it. I totally ripped Trudy off in the tribute I wrote for my Grandma's funeral. It sure made my job a whole lot easier! I realize I'm being silly but actually the whole concept of what Trudy wrote inspired me to write my tribute for Grandma.
Another comment on Facebook from Kimberly hit it right on the head when she said, "sweet friend, I can't even imagine. I absolutely adore the one Grammy I have left, and know the day we say goodbye to her will break my heart into a million pieces... thinking of you. xx".

So that's what happened. I felt my heart break into a million pieces which seemed pretty fitting since that was my plan for my blocks, to make a bunch of little hearts to be dispersed through out Cynthia's quilt.
 However I didn't want to fill Norm's quilt with sadness, (Cynthia is making her April blocks into a quilt for her husband Norm) so I tried not to think about the emptiness but instead to fill them up with happy memories, like Trudy said. Some are filled with memories of vast blue prairies skies, warm sweet off the bush raspberries, kittens stuffed in Grandma's slippers (hey, they fit and she never wore slippers anyways) the highlights of dust dancing around in the hay loft, walking with Grandma to the chicken coop and the feel of diving my hands deep into her flour drawer (which I always got in trouble for but was totally worth it!)

Well okay maybe I took a liberty here and was sappy for a few more than just a few sentences! Thank you to everyone who took the time to send kind words and thoughts about my Grandma ... Grandparents, they are so important aren't they.
Darn it all, after I had taken the top photos, I remembered about these buttons I had in the studio that I wanted to add!



  1. Beautiful post Lysa! Brought tears to my eyes. My Grandma had a huge influence on my life as well, I miss her dearly.

  2. Grandparents ARE important. A relationship like no other - for the grandchildren as well as the grandparents. Again, so sorry for your loss, Lysa.

  3. Loved this post! I am so happy you have good memories. Your words took me back to visiting and staying with my grandparents on their farm in Langley. With the fresh bread baking,and the favourite banana cake with peanut butter icing. I also remember walking to the chicken coop,candling eggs, corn roasts, and just holding hands, and chatting with my Nana, or oil painting with my Grandpa. Oh and bonus, my other Nana lived right next door, who taught me how to knit and crochet. I thank God for the good family and friends that I have been blessed to share my life with and for the wonderful memories. sappy right back at'cha ;) Ellen

  4. These are the most beautiful-est blocks in the whole world. I know. I took a survey.

    Take good care. I'll bring you some gumdrop cookies - my Grandma's recipe. They make everything better.