Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I don't think there is anything wrong with quilting being like crack!

It's obvious I love to quilt but sometimes I feel like I'm a drug pusher. I want everyone to love quilting and fabric. Here, have a few fabric samples, for free...sucker ; ) I know some people don't get the addiction but
once your hooked your hooked.

May's block for Holly sewn by Chris

Have I told you I recently conned my husband Chris into quilting?

First time embroidering ever. Pretty good, hey?

It kind of started out as a joke, especially since we don't have any guys in our guild (Fraser Valley Modern Quilt Guild).When Cynthia mentioned to me she was going to start her Fab Bee I volunteered him.We snickered through email but when I told him that I volunteered him he became serious and said, "I'd do it." Wha-huh, you will, um okay! That was particularly easy.

We were asked to also embroider where were from on the signature block. I was going to put Mission because it's shorter (and technically we live in Mission-long story) but because Chris put Maple Ridge I figured I should too!
I don't know if he has been totally hooked but he is taking it very seriously and got quite annoyed with me when I sewed a couple of seams on his block-fair enough.
My block for Holly

My youngest son has now mentioned he'd like to learn now too-nice! I'm not sure if it's because he's seen his dad do sewing or if it's all my influence but I'll take all the credit ;)

My drawing for the month in yellow, my favourite colour. We were both given our favourite colours, how did Holly know?

Is there anyone you're trying to convert? How is is going? Are they putty in your hands or are you going to have to give them some more free samples?

Chris admitted to me he didn't like some previous embroidery I did (it was too loopy and made him cringe-such an expert now, lol!) so I thought I better up my game!


  1. FAbulous! I think my hubby would be good at it too, but he doesn't have the time, and if he did, he wouldn't be quilting!

  2. Chris has been doing an amazing job in the bee! Glad to have lucked into your favourite colours! I love both of your blocks and the embroidery on the signature blocks is stellar!

  3. That's really great! He didn't even cheat a little bit - he embroidered his whole name and the longer city. SO. AWESOME! He is SO going to join us, I can just tell. He can make the robot quilts and the LEGO quilts. Heh.

    See you tomorrow!

    1. Is there a big demand for robot and LEGO quilts?

  4. I think it is 100% awesome that your husband has taken up quilting. But do you have to share your stash?