Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I'm proud to announce, "I am no longer a virgin!"

I've been a peeping tom for quite some time, I even go so far as to say a lurker! However, I finally took the plunge! Don't get me wrong it wasn't peer pressure or anything like that. I just took my time until the moment was right!

Deep breath I finally made my first online Esty purchase-tee hee! A clock for my studio from uncommon and a little change purse from Oktak, just because!

Then I was feeling really brave so I went and did it again and made my first online fabric purchase!
Starting in the back, I bought check-a-dot in Aqua and Red (designer Cosmo cricket., one of my favourites for paper too!) Next in my totem pole of fabric I bought  Full Moon Polka Dot in Lime (designer Amy Buttler). Both I bought through Hawthorne Threads.

The bottom three are fabric test swatches from Spoonflower a very cool online shop that prints fabric that you design. However, you can also buy other peoples designs too, like  I did!

The tattoo one (which I love) is a design by my friend Cynthiafrenette . Seriously, if I had the guts (which I don't!) I would totally get this tattooed on my arm!

The other samples are called spot the BIG bug and Christmas_quarter.

So there you go! I am no longer a virgin and it wasn't as nearly as painful one might have thought!


  1. You did it!! Hurrah!! And thanks for buying some of my print!! Now you'll be unstoppable shopping online and start sneaking off to the computer to "check the email" yeah I know all the tricks lol!

  2. Welcome to the amazing world of online fabric purchases & Etsy! I bought some letterpress cards on Etsy two years ago and never looked back!

  3. yahoo! now you won't be able to stop! i love that clock, it is fantastic, i'm a huge fan of uncommon :) also, i have that oktak change purse in another fabric, it is awesome!