Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What do cupcakes and soap have in common?

I've been a busy bee working away in the studio making cupcake pin cushions (with handmade resin specialty pins) and some fun LEGO and Space Invader soap! What brought this on you ask? My good friend Linda (the one who used to smuggle and swap quilt and garden magazines into animation class for me) for a number of years has been hosting a craft fair at her house in North Vancouver. She is having another one this weekend, Friday, November 12th from 7-9pm and Saturday, November 13th from 1-4pm. She always does such a wonderful job of putting it all together, she's such a brave soul! I'll be there with my stash and my Mission buddy, Cynthia, will be there with her goodies too!. I'm looking forward seeing Marie with her Frost Collection and Lesley with her Smidgebox purses (I think she is doing some stockings too!).

If  you want in on the action send me a comment and I will forward the address to you, all has Linda requested is that you introduce yourself as someone who knows me and that you don't bounce a cheque! =)


  1. Mike loves his Space Invaders soap. He told me he's going to save it for a while before he uses it, so it's a "decoration" in his bathroom. Ha!

    I had a great time at the craft fair. I'm so glad I went!

  2. I'm so glad Mike Browne loves and plans on savouring his Space Invaders soap! My all time favourite video game!

  3. Your all time favourite video game was always Centipede I thought?

  4. It is and Centipede, I just like to shoot things!