Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Would you want invisibility as a superpower?

My bee keeping friend, Lori, turned me on to ephemeral art (art that is made from nature) last year.
I love gardening and I love making stuff. This is a little something I did last fall.

    It reads "some- \  times I feel  \  invisible"

 It was a pretty interesting experience figuring out how to get the grass blades to stick to the web. Then I pissed off Mr. Spider. He marched out to the middle of the web and cast off,  in a very discussed way I might add, a single blade of grass. Then Mr Spider marched back up to his hiding spot, so as to say "there I showed her!" Hhumph!

Truth be told we all feel invisible sometimes. Ocasionally we want to be invisible and other times all we want is to be seen and heard.

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