Monday, May 16, 2011

How NOT to write a blog post!

The Culprit! titled "Quietly she waited for her name to be called on the Polka Dot Door"
Last week I wrote this whole blog post about four of the drawings I'm showing at the Serendipi Tea House and asked my husband to check it over for me, as he often does. The blog post talked about my favourite titled drawing of the show called, "Quietly she waited for her name to be called on the Polka Dot Door." Witty and cute right? Then I proceeded to talk about a conversation my friend Sue and I had about enduring watching the Polka Dot Door. We'd both watch because the host at the end of the show would hold up a magic mirror and would say the names of the kids watching. They never called our names, two fairly common names of the seventies, Sue and Lysa (I figured if they said Lisa, that would mean me too). Oddly enough I couldn't find a link on YouTube to that part in the show but I did find the theme song, so good enough! Time to have Chris, my editor, have a peek at the post. He takes a quick look and calls me back:

"... um, you know the Polka Dot Door?"


"They never had a magic mirror."

"Wha? Ya they did."

"No Romper Room did. I just looked it up on YouTube. You've got the wrong show."

in a teeny tiny voice "Embarrassing!!!"

Especially since I've had my show, with the titles for my drawings, up for four weeks now.

Which bring us back to present day. Determined to save this blog post I promptly sat down, this rainy Monday morning, to edit... oh wait, I didn't save the original post! Super!

... and that's how NOT to write a blog post!

Titled "Little stack of fabric-blue and green"

A detail of the drawing above.

Titled " Little stack of fabric-purple and orange"

Gingham fabric added to the sides.

"An Ode to Kitty Yoshida"


  1. Ahhh I just adore your drawings! Maybe we could sort out some kind of trade some day....! And PolkaDot door- lol I used to watch that with my youngest brother, along with Reading Rainbow. Did you ever watch that show where there was a guy who read a story then he'd draw along with it? Oh man that was my fave excuse to try to be sick and stay home from school!

  2. I love them, too. And I never would have thought, " was so NOT the Polka Dot door." I just think, "ahhh...that drawing is amazing."

    True story.

  3. Hey thanks guys, and yes Cynthia I'd be honored to do a trade with you!

    I don't remember that guy but I loved watching Mr Dress up draw! Ah the good old days, Lol! Did you know Polka dot door was on until 1993! Crazy hey!

    I swear this post just kept going sideways on me to the point I was like, I've just got to embrace it, too funny!

  4. The Reading Rainbow is hosted by LeVar Burton... aka Geordi La Forge from STTNG.

  5. I flooooooved Polka Dot Door *and* Romper Room. She never called my name, either (obv.). It was great meeting you at the VMQG meeting, and seeing your beautiful artwork!

  6. Thanks Felicity! It was really great to meet you at the VMQG meeting as well! I hope we get to bump into each other again!