Sunday, May 2, 2010

Guerilla Gardners Unite!

Welcome to the first step in becoming a "Guerilla Gardner"!

Your mission: to encourage green in urban areas. This mission is so secretive the rest of the population will not even know the movement has begun... until we have green everywhere!

You have two missions to choose from:

Mission A (short and sweet):

Leave seed paper in spots around town for others to find and plant. For example tuck the paper in Library books or newspapers at coffee shops or on park benches. Somewhere you feel the recipient might be prone to see the mission through.

Mission B (longer but more fruitful):

Step 1 - Scope out an area the could use some green!

Step 2 - Dig a shallow hole.

Step 3 - Place the seed paper in the hole.

Step 4 - Water the paper. This step isn't necessary but helpful for best results.

Step 5 - Cover paper with dirt. For best results make sure seed paper is covered with good soil.

Step 6 - Optional but for best results stop by and water your spot, especially if we hit a dry spell this summer

Step7 - Take photos of your success and  post a link to your photo in the comments.

Good luck and happy gardening! For more information on seed paper visit:

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