Thursday, May 20, 2010

Time Flies when you're having fun!

My son turned 10 this week and I think I'm still in shock, how did this happen?
Wasn't it last Halloween we dressed him up as Elvis and put him in Chris's guitar case?

I remember like it was yesterday when he got the scar above his left eye.


I'm sure it was a few hours ago I listened to the stories he made up about the

I found him once pressing on the top of his hand, what is he doing I thought to myself, then it hit me he was being Buzz Light Year and shooting his Lazer while making sound effects.I still get all sentimental when I hear the "Toy Story" theme song.

He certainly had his "Monster Moments"

...but there we a lot of changes in his life, we moved,  he acquired a little brother

and a little orange furry creature that he adored-Yo Jo. I  didn't think it was possible to see someones heart break until the night Yo Jo didn't come home.

He always loved animals and they didn't have to be fuzzy.

But being his father's son he also loved video games . I  lost him at playing Jak and Daxter, it was too advanced for me. Remember Freddy Fish or Pajama Sam, they re still more my speed.

It seems like there was no time in between him cutting teeth to loosing teeth

Luckily his younger brother doesn't  introduce us as "Maceo's Mom, Maceo's Dad, Maceo's Grandma, Maceo's Grandpa, Maceo's Aunite Julie..." any more as cute as that was!

He was nervous about turning 10 because he thought he'd have to stop playing but I told him just because you're in double digits you don't have to stop playing!

There are time to be serious sure, but there is always opportunity to play no matter how old you are

I just can't believe it,  when he was little  people would stop me and say, "enjoy it it will be gone before you know it." I would smile knowing I took a million photos. Some how it hit me this week he's 10! 10 years did go by in the blink on an eye. It makes me appreciate the fossils he's fascinated by even more... I just wish

I'd gotten him something more than a TV dinner!

(just kidding they're cupcakes, see there is always time to play)
Happy 10th birthday Maceo

Love Mom(my)


  1. I'm proof that growing up is optional.

  2. I love these pictures. I see you in him, and all your love and hugs and kisses and praise and tears and hopes and dreams. He is a lucky boy and you are blessed. love Cori