Sunday, January 22, 2012

Three of Three... Bananas and juice, which makes banana juice!

Yesterday and the day before I posted about how tickled I was  to be blogged about by Keri from Iron Mountain Movement  and Berene of  Happy Sew Lucky . Earlier this week Carol Browne (who I declare has one of my top two favourite laughs in the whole wide world!) posted about me. However, she not only posted about me, she gave me super powers! Now, I know there are some people who claim they too have super powers but can they also say they have been made into a planet as well! Other than Unicron (can you tell I have two boys?) not many could claim to be made into a planet. Carol made me into a planet! See!

Now, I'm sure your asking yourself, um, okay what does that have to do with Banana juice? Carol did a post a while back about her juicer and that she tried juicing a banana. I chucked to myself as I read this because she then proceeded to say how you can't juice a banana. I loved this post so much because it is something I would totally do. So I thought Carol needed some pot holders with Bananas...

The back of the pot holder with the word "banana" over and over.

And  juice! A nice chilled glass of banana juice that is!

And the back of this pot holder is quilted to say "juice" over and over.

When I originally gave these to Carol I didn't have the binding finished (hmm sensing a theme here? Christmas was just so crazy what can I say ) After Carol opened them and had a look at the pot holders she giggled and said "I have to finish my own binding?"  The answer was no, you don't but I do have to take them back to finish them, which I did last week. And I'm pretty sure they didn't have any pins or needles left in them!


  1. I absolutely adore your scribbly stitching. What kind of thread do you use?

    1. Oh, thanks Felicity. Embarrassingly, cheap serger thread! When Cynthia and I were at the Abbotsford Quilt show last year, we bought two bags of mix matched serger thread and split it. I quite like the texture of it, it reminds me of pencil on paper.

  2. I love my banana juice potholders! They are currently living on the diningroom table kind of like a runner. I think I'm going to hang them up, though. IN THE DINING ROOM! :-)

    Also, I'm totally crap at sewing binding, so I was totally relieved when you took them back.

    I wish I had superpowers to make real banana juice. That would be excellent.

    1. I'm so glad you like them! I hope they made you giggle because you have the best laugh!

      Wanna know my secret to figuring out binding? I made a crap load of potholders, hee, hee!

      I believe you do have superpowers to make banana juice! Always remember though, with great power, comes great responsibility!