Friday, January 20, 2012

Two of Three...Happy Pot Holders

Yesterday I posted about how tickled I was that Keri from Iron Mountain Movement blogged about some pot holders I made her. How nifty it is to be posted about! It has never happened before but last week I was blogged about twice and then once again this week! So as not to make one big, super-duper rambling post, I've broken my post into three separate posts. Dare I say a trilogy...

Last week Berene from Happy Sew Lucky did a lovely post about some pot holders I made for her!

Berene was my pot holder swap partner from the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild. I was just thrilled when I discovered she was who I was making pot holders for! I've admired her stuff for a while now and I hoped she'd like what I had planned. I was saving some Suzy Ultman fabric that I bought  in LA at Sew Modern for something special and I figured this was it.

An ode to Berene's Senor Party lights Mustachios!

One snag, Berene had written she didn't really like orange. Wha? People don't like orange? How can that be? However after meeting her at our November Fraser Valley Modern Quilt Guild she confessed she actually didn't mind it. Phew!

But then, I got to thinking, I also really wanted to try out something kinda like I did for the sketchbook project but with fabric behind it (minus the naked people). I borrowed this tea pot of my in-laws (bought at McKinnleys in Berwyn and made in Ireland as they always mention) for inspiration.

 My pot holders were embarrassing late but Berene was very patience and understanding of why. So I figured she deserved both! Then of course with the whole hoopla of Christmas, it felt like forever until I got the darn things done and sent them off....

, I assumed they were done. I ended up sending off one pot holder with pins still in it AND it still had a needle and thread in it! How's that for an exchange, here you finish it, ha, ha! I was slightly... well okay a lot horrified that I did that but Berene and I had a little laugh about it. I guess once I take a photo of something my brain declares that it's done, whether really is or isn't.  Thank god I whipped up a little mustached cup cozy for good measure-phew!


  1. Love your work and your great humour, I could
    see myself sending off pot holders this way by

    1. Thanks ;) Yes, I'm hope I'm not the only one in the world that does this kind of things!

  2. What's wrong with a multi-tasking potholder come needlebook? Genius concept for someone like me who loves cooking and sewing! Heh heh.

    1. See, I must have picked up on that when I read your answers off the swap partner questionair. I'm very intuitive that way, ha, ha!