Sunday, March 11, 2012

Unscripted Online Quilting Bee - Kindred Spirit

How was your February? Our family played strep throat tag all month. I narrowly escaped with the mildest case in the house.Finally everyone is healthy and I can get back to business as usual!

Way back in May of 2011 Cynthiaf posted on Facebook about an online quilt bee on Flickr.

Quilt bee! I've always wanted to be in a quilt bee! I quickly sent off a message and snaffled one of the last spots.

A note card, a signature block and  a drawing
This quilt bee group is hosted by two co-bloggers, Donna and Sara, of  Kindred Crafters. The official name of the quilt bee is "Unscripted" and focuses on improv piecing.

The packages for the first blocks were received back in July, which may lead you to the same question I'm asking myself... why haven't I blogged about it yet? Two words: Back Bloggged! But, I'm hear to set things straight!

Donna, from Kindred Crafters, was the Queen Bee of July (the person who sent off all the fabric to everyone else). It was so exciting to receive that first little package in the mail...but also a little intimidating sewing for someone else (at first anyways). However, I persevered!! Donna's inspiration was stacked book blocks and I have to admit it was the biggest block I had ever made, 24" tall, and while I'm confessing it was pretty fun working that big!

A signature block

I thought in addition to the blocks I'd like to do small 6x6 drawings each month. I checked with Donna and Sara if that was cool and they were great about it, and even suggested I do a calender! A brilliant idea don't cha think?


  1. Your block looks great and I love the drawing you enclosed with it!

    I'm excited to be in the Fab Bee with you and Chris! Can't wait to get my fabric from Cynthia!

  2. very cool Lysa! and I love your stacked library book block! love all those greys....