Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A never ending Tikki party!

Gadzooks! I don't think I ever posted about this quilt! I was going through some files and what the... how'd I miss this? Well here it is, my never ending quilt made out of Cynthiaf's tiki fabric (one of my absolute favourites!). Cynthia was kind enough to enlarge one of the skulls designs, then I appliqued it with a very thick underlay.

The idea behind this was from a never ending card I had made some years back and my thought was you could have nine different quilt tops. Of course it's a more of a show quilt you'd lay on the bed rather than a snuggle under quilt. Although my youngest has claimed this quilt and with the heat been having he's been finding it refreshing being able to stick a foot out in the middle of the night... I guess he finds the grass skirt kind of hot to sleep in ;)

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  1. What? Never before shown on your website? I adore this quilt! I have some photos of it somewhere...:-)