Thursday, July 26, 2012

Lesley Stenning of Smidgebox's Stash

Title: In Repose

Here's a new little endeavor I'm working on. Like last year and the year before, I'm still drawing fabric but now it's not mine. I've exhausted drawing my stash and as much as it makes sense in my mind to buy fabric just to draw, it seem only natural to move on to drawing other peoples fabric stashes. Especially stashes of people who have inspired me.

This stash is from Lesley Stenning: you might know her from her blog and Etsy store, Smidgebox. I first knew about Lesley in my last year of studying animation. She started visiting the school to see her, then boyfriend, now husband Derek Stenning (another crazy talented artist). Linda, another student of the animation program, is the glue that binds us all together. She has stayed in touch with everyone. Every November Linda has a craft fair and this is where I officially met Lesley. At first she had these super cute cards using rolled paper (I know there is an official name for it but I can't even fathom what it's called enough to Google it right now). She also had kid's aprons with oven mitts. I'm not sure if she had started making her fabric boxes yet? I missed Linda's craft fair the next year because my grandfather had passed away and, boy, what a difference a year makes!

I just love looking through peoples stashes don't you?
 C'mon we all have a little bit of a voyeur in us right?
 No? Just me ;)
The following year Lesley had started making purses (which I have two of!). She had fabric cubes for babies with tags (babies love tags don't they?!). She still had the aprons and had started doing custom baby quilts. She also had a blog, was on Etsy AND had two little people in tow! Ah, yeah, kind of a super woman!

The wood frames I used are 2 inches thick
Lesley's blog and shop, not to mention her fabric choices, are stunning. They are always simple, clean, fresh and modern. I was so pleased when she took me up on my offer of letting me draw some of  her fabrics. I see these drawings as portraits really, of the people they belong to, their choices and their style.

Some details

This is one of four drawings I did of Lesley's fabric. I'll show the others soon but for now I'm off to Portland to take a in little quilting workshop! Hee, hee...

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