Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Cookies?... For me?

See the little fingers just waiting for me to take the photo!
Well, the cookies weren't for me, they were for my husband as a birthday present. They were just so fantastic I had to tell you about them! Our friend Sue made them. She spent six hours, yup you read that right, six hours making them! Then her husband got sick and she wasn't able to come to our party!

There were a few more on the plate, everyone kept sneaking one here, one there. I kept telling the kids don't eat them until I can take a picture. Okay I snuck a few too.

They were the most perfectly perfect cookies for Chris! He LOVES LEGO and gets a funny look in his eye if he hears someone refer to LEGO as Legos and will very politely explain why it's not Legos. I have to admit it brings a shiver to my spine too. As you can tell we take LEGO very seriously at our house. It could be because Chris's company made two LEGO DS games LEGO Battles and LEGO Battles: Ninjago! Hee, Hee (We're pretty proud of him and all the peeps at his company for their hard work on them!)

Chris and Ty or Captain Awesome, as we affectionately call him in front of the LEGO building in Billund
He also got to go to Billund, Denmark where they make LEGO. He actually had a warm hot off the press LEGO piece fall off the press into his hand. I love watching him tell that story, he still get's so excited about it! See what I mean perfectly perfect! Thanks Sue!

Oh did I tell you we named one of our cats Lego too! He has freckles!


  1. Awesome cookies! Sounds like they were absolutely perfect for Chris!

  2. Love all that, especially the Lego dedication! Happy birthday Chris!