Thursday, July 5, 2012

Are you fearless?

Bernie at the head of the class.

I don't know about you but dropping my feed dogs kinda freaks me out. I have done it before but... I don't know, it's very unnerving. It's like, you mean I can just sew anywhere?... or everywhere? That seems a little wrong. What if I screw up and have to unpick it all? Ooof, that wouldn't be fun, would it?

Shelley and Bernie from Little Oak Patterns did a workshop for our Guild, this past Saturday, called Fearless Free-Motion.They taught us about tension on our machines, needles, threads and then guided us as we dropped our feed dogs to do some free motion quilting.

I think what it comes down to is practice, practice, practice. I once heard it takes 500 hours to really feel comfortable with free-motion. Would you agree? I figure, since I did a bit on my potholders this past x-mas I have 494 more hours to go. Which means I'm not fearless yet but the good news is I'm not fearful anymore.


  1. Good for you! I still have the full 500 hours to go. Looks like you had fun!

  2. well, that looks just lovely!

  3. whoever said it takes 500 hours to learn is a slow learner, I suspect. Yes it does take practice but by the time you get a lap or twin size quilt done you should be fairly confident in how you move and stitch. And the best part is you have the Janome with lots of room to move the fabric around! You have made an excellent start from what you show in the photo!