Sunday, July 22, 2012

He's a Weiner! ... I mean a Winner!

That's my boy!

Rivers won the cover of the Frogstone Grill kids menu! Woo hoo! Can you see he's already wearing his free t-shirt (he's still wearing it two days later!)

Our oldest son, Maceo had been trying for years to win the cover. We were starting to think it was a thing of legend. Needless to say the win for Rivers felt a little bittersweet for Maceo. Especially since Rivers also won first in the regionals in a Remembrance day poster contest and third provincially last November (I know blatant Mommy bragging, sorry I can't help myself-gush!). It was Rivers' first entry for the Remembrance day poster contest, something Maceo has strived to do for four years now. Maceo is at the awkward, critical stage when many creative people give up drawing due to peer opinions or worse art teacher opinions. I really hope he doesn't give up. I've taught art to kids for many, many years and I keep telling Maceo, and it's not because I'm his Mom, your stuff is really really great! But between you and me I don't think he believes me. Fair enough I would have rolled my eyes and thought the same thing. I guess that is why most adult draw at a 12 year old level. I remember entering the Edmonton Comic contest for the front cover and the burn of disappointment When I didn't get picked.

However their Dad did....bastard....I mean, isn't it great! :) It's a great reminder to myself you can't win at everything but you can't give up, that would be the greatest loss of all.


  1. congratulations!!!!!! and the lego cookies are awesome!!!!

  2. Congratulations Rivers!

    Rylee also tried for years as well to get on the cover, but sadly she inherited my lack of artistic ability. However, we do draw wicked stick men ;)